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                  1. KL-605T TCI Pump

                    Home > Products > TCI Pump


                    1. Induction way and targeted concentration can be set according to patients’ basic parameter.

                    2. Plasma TCI and Effect TCI.

                    3. The targeted concentration can be adjusted according to the anesthetic effect.

                    4. The dosage can be adjusted according to operation time.



                    1. Six infusion modes: easy mode, flow rate, time-based, body weight, plasma TCI, effect TCI.

                    2. Unique three induction ways: quick induction, stepped induction, smooth induction.

                    3. High resolution color screen, back light adjustable.

                    4. Adjustable occlusion

                    5. Key can be locked when pump is working.

                    6. Stackable.

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