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                  1. ZNB-XA Infusion Pump

                    Home > Products > Infusion pump

                    User-friendly design

                    1. Streamline shape, bionic design, more convenient.

                    2. Independent battery cover enables the battery replace easier.

                    3. Unique anti-slip handle

                    Open system

                    1. It can work with infusion monitoring system by its wireless monitoring module.

                    2. Standard RS232 port makes software upgrading more convenient.

                    3. Nurse call port.


                    Infusion Accuracy

                    1. Temperature adjustable second-generation thermostat can improve the infusion accuracy.

                    2. Optional drop sensor, two work modes, drop/min, ml/h.


                    Korea engineer KIM team developed product,2010 China Innovation Design Red Star Award.

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