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                  1. ZNB-XK Infusion Pump

                    Home > Products > Infusion pump

                    User-friendly design

                    1. LCD screen and LED display enables user to observe pump

                         work from a distance.

                    2. International standard all numeric key input, quick, accurate 

                        and convenienct.

                    3. Three work modes.

                    4. Auto-lock tubing clamp.

                    5. The light will be on when the pump door is opened, which 

                         can avoid a wrong installation of IV sets in the low level of light.

                    Safety design

                    1. Watch dog design make sure the pump will stop working 

                         when software program has problem.

                    2. The TPU spring panel can reduce the tubes squeezing injury.

                    3. It can test battery temperature and prevent the battery 

                         has high temperature.

                    4. It will stop the pump when it test the motor work improperly.

                    5. Key lock features can prevent misoperation when pump is working.

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