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                  1. ZNB-XAII Infusion Pump

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                    1. 3.2’’ TFT real color screen.

                    2. Up to nine alarm, sound, light, picture and word indication.

                    3. It can work with infusion monitoring system by wireless monitoring module.

                    4. Five infusion modes can meet most of clinic use.

                    5. Rotary knob ensures high efficiency operation.

                    6. History log.

                    Safety design

                    1. It can show the brand of IV sets.

                    2. The occlusion pressure can be shown in real time.

                    3. The heating temperature can be shown in real time.

                    4. Battery volume display.

                    5. It can supervise the condition of the pumps to ensure safe infusion.

                    6. Nurse call

                    7. Night mode and power-saving mode.


                    Korean engineer KIM team upgraded products.

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