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                  1. KL-8052N Infusion Pump

                    Home > Products > Infusion pump

                    User-friendly design

                    1. Large LCD high-resolution color screen.

                    2. Different area to show the flow rate and VTBI, more intuitive.

                    3. It can show the code of IV sets on the screen in real time.

                    4. Three-step calibration method makes the calibration much easier.


                    Features and advantages:

                    1. It can show the occlusion pressure in real time.

                    2. Time, volume and drop three work modes.

                    3. Adjustable occlusion sensitivity levels.

                    4. Several alarms, the seriousness of which is distinguished by colors.

                    5. The VTBI is showed in real time.

                    6. The KVO will automatically work after preset volume finish.

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