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                  1. KL-602 Syringe Pump

                    Home > Products > Syringe Pump

                    In easy mode, we only need to set flow rate to start the pump.

                    All closed pusher design ensures waterproof, dustproof and high safety

                    It is stackable

                    Features and advantages

                    1. High accuracy ±2%, high consistency.

                    2. Multiple work modes and multiple drug units

                    3. Anti-Bolus can release pressure automatically when occlusion alarms happens

                    4. Several occlusion pressure alarm can meet different pressure requirement for drugs, and improve the safety in the clinic use.

                    5. Key lock avoids misoperation and improve safety.

                    User friendly

                    1. The pump has built-in connection design ensures combination of several pump, flexible, convenient and practical.

                    2. Key and rotary knob can meet different use demand.

                    3. Large LCD screen, adjustable backlight.

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